Translation to and from Portuguese

At Ubiqus we deliver accurate, high-quality translations in Portuguese. For each job, our team of attentive account managers will carefully select the best translator based on their experience and area of expertise. Unlike other agencies, we do this BEFORE we send you our estimate. As a result, when you sign off our estimate, we are ready to go!

We offer complete confidentiality and certification. We deliver your project in the method of your choice, on time and without any complications.

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Translation to and from portuguese

Before we start translating, we listen. We ask you the purpose of your translation and where it will be used. English to Portuguese translation is required in two cases:

  • for portuguese translation to be used in the UK when public sector and ‘third sector’ bodies need to provide useful information for their many constituents who use Portuguese as a first language.
  • for portuguese translation to be used in Portugal when Corporations want to attack the huge Portuguese market and need to translate brochures, posters and information sheets.
Typesetting service (DTP)

We understand that when it comes to translation for public use, marketing or communications, getting the text right is only part of the job. The final document needs to look professional, too. This is why we offer a typesetting service in which our graphic designers work in partnership with the translators to ensure that the final file looks as good in the new language as it did in your original.

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Customised service

Any reputable translation company will use only native Portuguese speakers to translate into Portuguese. Whenever possible, we also use translators who are local to the region where your translation will be used. Why? Because only documents that are translated faithfully and using the right local vocabulary are fit for purpose. Our translators are best placed to ensure your translation makes complete sense to the local audience.

Fast reply, fast delivery

We offer fast turnaround: same day, 24 hours, 48 hours or more, and our account managers will respond to your request as soon as you get in touch. As a rule of thumb, a good translator will translate about 2000 to 2500 words in a day so the turnaround time will be widely affected by the length of the document (wordcount).

A customer-driven organisation

Ubiqus is a name that is synonymous with first-class quality standards and client-focused services. Unlike other companies, our USP is to find the relevant translator for the job BEFORE we quote you. As a result, when you sign off our estimate, we are ready to go!
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With about a quarter of a billion native speakers, Portuguese ranks sixth amongst world languages. And it has a reputation as a language of poetry and beauty – as well as a modern language of politics and commerce. Whether it’s the Portuguese of Portugal or the Portuguese of Brazil (and it’s important to get the right variety) both government and business know the value of polished, accurate and fluent translations.

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