Legal Translation:
fluency and accuracy in any language

Ubiqus founded in 1991 is:

We translate to and from more than 70 languages

(including a large range of so-called ‘hard to find languages’). Our project management approach and international network of offices allows us to meet very challenging deadlines.

Our clients include Legal 100, Legal 500 & the Ministry of Justice

We also work with Niche Law Firms, Local Authorities and the legal departments of international companies. All have come to appreciate the expertise and customer service we bring to legal translation services.

Ubiqus is trusted by Over 2000 Companies 

including some of the world’s biggest and most prestigious Law firms. Click here to find out our diverse client base

A selection of our legal translation clients 

Berrymans Lace Mawer                                   Kennedys                             Ashurst                             Clyde & Co                                 Weightmans

  • Legal Translations by Ubiqus

  • Contract translation requires meticulous attention to detail. We use guides and glossaries to ensure consistency.
  • Evidence and court document translation: we translate court transcripts, summons, complaints, immigration and nationality documents, birth, marriage and death certificates – everything required to support legal proceedings.
  • Audio translation: translated recordings of interviews, phone calls, voice mail, and police surveillance.
  • Back-translation is used after interviews or court hearings. It demonstrates whether an interpreter rendered the conversation with the witness or interviewee correctly or not.
  • Foreign language transcription: a transcript of any language in its original language. We can also then translate the transcript into English or another language.
  • Multi-language video subtitling for depositions or court hearings when an interviewee speaks a different language from counsel or jury.

  • Highly specialised translation

Legal translation is a specialised discipline. The translation must be clear, accurate, precise, and consistent. A phrase with a specific legal meaning must be translated the same way throughout a document – and throughout the revisions of that document or in subsequent documents.

An apparently minor mistake can have very serious consequences. Only specialist translators understand the context and terminology of legal communications. That’s why our team includes experienced lawyers and legal experts – most of whom have many years of experience in law firms or the legal departments of major companies.

We build glossaries specific to each client using advanced computer-assisted translation (CAT) software. This means that certain words or phrases will always be translated consistently within each document and from one project to the next.

  • Speed of our translation process

Need an excellent quality legal translation done quickly? No problem.

We understand that sometimes you need your translation quickly – due to contract deadlines, court dates or market events, for example.

For large projects and short deadlines, we divide your document amongst a team of specialist legal translators. Our project managers and proofreaders then ensure the work of each translator is of the same consistent, high quality. And we guarantee complete confidentiality too, of course.