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Marketing takes many forms and working on your SEO, monitoring your social media and finding fresh content for the latest edition of your newsletter all takes time. However, this time is much better spent if you can adapt your message to local markets by localising your content in the right way.

Translating your brand’s message into ten different languages won’t necessarily be the solution if that message doesn’t resonate with the target audience.

Ubiqus regularly helps multinational organisations by ensuring that their content is localised for the target market and that spreading their message is worth the time it takes in the first place.

Specialised Translation Services

Artwork Localisation

Ubiqus has extensive experience in the translation of artwork materials having worked alongside major bodies such as PR companies and large multinationals to ensure a full A-Z service which includes translation plus artwork creation.

Our experienced team are equipped with the latest version of industry-standard desktop publishing software such as Adobe Indesign & Adobe Illustrator, providing us with all the necessary tools to create localised materials that meet your requirements. We also have a team of translators that specialise in the translation of such materials, whether that be for your latest company brochure or simply an updated technical manual. We have the experts that can convey your message in any language.

All we need are a list of your required languages & the full native file artwork package with all relevant images and fonts. Should you not have the full native artwork package available to you at the time of your request, we can provide you with a quote based on a PDF version of your artwork until you manage to retrieve the complete artwork package.

Translation of PDF Files

Should you have a PDF version of a file that requires translation but you do not need artwork to be created and would like a Word version, we can also provide a text extraction service which provides you with a Word version of your translated document.
You need only send us the PDF version of your file and we can draft you a quote for translation into Word format.

Website Localisation

Looking to launch your website or app in a new market? Look no further than Ubiqus.

At Ubiqus, we have a specialised team of project managers and translators who manage website and mobile app localisation projects on a regular basis. Ubiqus also benefits from technological partnerships with companies such as WordPress to create a localisation workflow that meets your exact needs. These assets are very important to the successful localisation of a website or app as there are many elements to consider such as SEO in order to ensure your localisation efforts have been worthwhile and that they are having a positive impact on your users’ experience.

We make sure your brand is communicated in the right way.

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