Technical  Translation

Ubiqus founded in 1991 is:

Ubiqus specialises in providing ready-to-use technical translations. Our expert technical translators and proofreaders are carefully selected for their first-hand industry experience.

Their understanding of specialised terminology means that their technical knowledge and linguistic expertise is second to none.

We are trusted by over 2,000 companies globally, including some of the biggest and discerning brands. Find out some of the different documents we translate below…

Ubiqus is trusted by Over 2000 Companies 

including some of the world’s biggest and most successful institutions. Click here to find out our diverse client base

A selection of our technical translation clients

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  • Technical Knowledge + Style = Quality Translation

When translating technical documents it helps to consider the following:

  • The purpose for translating your technical text
  • Who will need to understand the translation
  • How the translation will be used
  • In what format you are looking to make the translation available

Having an understanding of your specific requirements and preferences will allow our specialist translators to produce a translation best suited for you and your readers. A quality technical translation is a marriage between technical knowledge and stylistic understanding.

  • Added Value

As well as translating, proofreading and editing your translation to ensure it meets your specific needs linguistically, we also provide the following:

  • Terminology management. This can be shared with your inhouse teams, both locally and internationally. This ensures consistency of message and brand throughout your organisation.
  • Desk Top Publishing in a range of file formats. Whether this is for online access or print.
  • Secure Storage, Transfer and Delivery. Confidentiality is of utmost importance at Ubiqus.
  • We offer...
  • Manuals translation;
  • Instructions translation;
  • Data sheets translation;
  • Safety Information translation;
  • Manufacturing standards translation;
  • Patents and Claims translation;
  • Verification and Validation translation;
  • Test reports translation;
  • Regulatory Information translation;
  • Product Specifications translation.