Ubiqus uses a range of technological methods to ensure consistency and quality whilst being able to offer efficiency and cost savings to clients. 

Our team of linguists take advantage of sophisticated translation software to facilitate the outcome you require.

The technology that we use at Ubiqus is vastly different from online translation technology which, at best, merely gives you an idea of what a sentence or phrase means in an alternative language. At Ubiqus we use a number of different technological measures:


Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools will analyse the content in every instance, whether it is a single document or a selection of files, and enables us to lower costs and speed up turnaround time. Benefits include:

  • Repetitions: You’ll only pay for what you need translated once as the CAT tool will identify areas where there is repeated content, either on a sentence or paragraph level


  • Glossaries: The CAT Tool enables us to build language dictionaries, which can then be approved by you. You may have preferences for the translation of a particular phrase and we will build a comprehensive list of your internal phrases and terminology ensuring that you get a consistent result every time.


Translation Memories: Translation Memory (TM) is a database of all our client’s previous translations, which is easily accessible for the translator. Documents that require translation often contain similar content, terminology or style. TMs help us to expedite the process and can result in cost savings for our clients.