There’s a huge difference between computer translation and computer assisted translation

Many websites offer free computer-based translation – like Yahoo or Google and more. That’s not what we do!

Free online translation is rough at best. Often it’s completely incomprehensible…

Computer Assisted Translation, on the other hand, involves a professional translator taking advantage of the most sophisticated translation software to facilitate the translation process and assist in getting the outcome required by you. There’s nothing automatic about it: it’s just a tool used by specialist translators and it has a wide range of benefits.

  • Advantage for the translator, advantage for you.
  • Glossaries
Think of Glossaries as language dictionaries, but approved by you. Do you have preferences for the translation of a particular phrase? We will build a comprehensive list of your internally used terminology and use the CAT tool to make sure you get the result you want, in a consistent manner in all of your translations.

  • Translation Memories
In short, a Translation Memory is a database of all your translations carried out before, all in one place and easily accessible for the translator. The documents you need translated will often contain similar content, terminology, style. Enabling the translator to access them for the new translation means they can see your preferred style and expressions, often approved by your colleagues in the local country teams. Moreover, using a TM makes the translation progress faster, and results in cost savings, as the CAT tool’s features make the process much more efficient.

Apart from the its main benefits to create Glossaries and Translation Memories to enhance consistency and quality of translations, CAT tools can assist the translator in many ways: make smart suggestions about fitting terminology and context, point to similar text content, remind about important steps in translation, as well as facilitate and enhance spell and grammar checks.

  • How does it work?

It can be used in every single project, whether a one-off or a long term repetitive translation. The CAT tool will analyse the content in every instance, whether a single document or a selection of files, and enable the optimum level of advantages, but the more content we translate for you, the more benefits you’ll see in the long term.

A machine cannot translate without the translator, but sophisticated translation software is an invaluable addition to the translator’s professional eye, and the benefits are experienced by everyone.