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Secure Automatic Online Translation

​Online translation platform that enables secure global communication

Translate your content in just a few clicks

You receive a message or document in a language you do not understand. Do you need to get a grasp of the content quickly?

This is a common problem in the business world and there is a strong temptation to turn to free translation solutions on the web, thus risking the confidentiality of your sensitive content (client contracts, calls for tender, financial information, etc.).

U-Translate – the online translation platform – allows you to translate your text and documents instantly thanks to a solution that is:


  • 100% secure;
  • Fast and automatic
  • Customised for your industry

Instant Translation of All of Your Content

Automatic translation adapted to YOUR business sector

In a professional context, generic translation is not enough and the specifics and terminology of each business sector must be taken into account.

Our machine translation translates your document, in real time, to a quality standard similar to that of a human translator.

It is continuously trained using data specific to each business sector, in order to match the requirements and nuances of terminology and language in each business area.

Our specialist engines:

  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Technical
  • Medical
  • Patents

You have access to all our specialist translation engines. They are all included in your subscription.



Main features of the U-Translate online translation platform

With, or without, proofreading by a professional translator

Do you need to publish content aimed at your customers, on your website or as part of a formal communication to your business partners?

You can switch from “raw” machine translation to a translation edited by a professional translator, with a single click – directly in the U-Translate online platform.

A professional translator reviews and edits the content and sends you a document that is ready for publishing.

Get a document ready to publish in one click!

A complete online translation tool

Translation of both simple text and whole documents

U-Translate allows you to:

  • Translate text – copied/pasted from any medium
  • Translate entire documents in one click

Translate your Microsoft Word®, PowerPoint® or Excel® files (and many others), retaining their original layout. Fonts, colours, images and formatting are all preserved during the translation process.

Online document translation has never been easier! 

100% secure translation platform

U-Translate enables instant translation of all your content, in a fully secure environment. You can access the platform via your password-protected customer account.

All translations and information associated with your account are stored on our servers. Ubiqus is a French company; our servers are based in France and meet the strictest security standards.

European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules are strictly observed.

Managing subscriptions independently

You can centralise and manage your translations using our “group subscription” system.

  1. Ubiqus creates and configures your company account on the U-Translate platform, depending on the subscription package you have chosen.
  2. You appoint an internal account administrator within your company.
  3. The administrator adds as many users as the chosen subscription package allows (from 1 to 100 or more). Each user has personalised and secure access.
  4. You use the U-Translate platform as much as you like!

About our translation technology


Automatic translation and quality: what are the guarantees?

Free online translation is becoming more and more widespread and is suitable in many instances for use by the general public. However, in a professional context, this level of generic translation is not sufficient, and the solutions on the market do not offer guarantees in terms of data security and confidentiality.

A pioneer in applied language processing research, Ubiqus has developed a translation technology based on neural networks (NMT for Neural Machine Translation), to translate millions of words in real time with a level of accuracy and reliability that is now close to that of a human being.

Ubiqus is also an administrator of the OpenNMT programme, whose objective is to continuously improve the efficiency of automated translation tools. This cutting-edge technology is used and enriched by a large community of academics, researchers and businesses and is the cornerstone of our R&D department in developing our translation solutions tailored to the business market.