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Last month saw the four-day state visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to the UK. According to the BBC, David Cameron hailed this the “golden era” in ties between the two countries. President Xi’s visit saw him travel across the UK from London to Manchester. This being the first state visit of a Chinese president since 2005, it was imperative that the planning and execution of each stage of the visit was given optimum care and attention.



The Confucius Conference hosted by UCL Institute of Education

The Confucius Conference saw Ubiqus Senior Account Manager, Benjamin Ofori put through his paces! Tight security, limited information availability and changing arrangements meant that Ubiqus’ technicians needed to prepare for several different eventualities. Benjamin’s sound advice and foresight meant that the conference went off without a glitch.

State Banquet at Guildhall

Working alongside our partners at the City of London, Ubiqus’ simultaneous interpretation team ensured proceedings at the State Banquet, including the Chinese President’s keynote address, could be understood by all 700 attendees and the gathered media. While we regularly work with our partners at the Guildhall, the unparalleled security arrangements were an additional challenge that our team took in their stride.

Visit to the City Football Group in Manchester

The state visit came to an end in Manchester where the Ubiqus translation team worked to very tight time frames to edit and produce a dual language brochure for all attendees. The content looked to tie together representative companies from both countries looking to forge lasting and mutually beneficial business relationships.

Learn more about our involvement throughout the state visit by speaking directly with our interpreting, transcription and translation teams at Ubiqus.

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Prince Andrew with President Xi during the Confucius Conference. Photograph: Peter Nicholis/Reuters

State Banquet at Guildhall. Photograph: 2015 Getty Images