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The Ubiqus Group launches its merchant website to “translate, transcribe, right here, right now, easy as that”.




True to its ambition to offer innovative translation and transcription services to its professional clients, the Ubiqus Group has just launched its first commercial website, Ubiqus IO, in France is a unique web portal where, in a few clicks, business Internet users can order one of the two flagship services provided by the Ubiqus Group, fourth largest provider of language services in Europe:


  • First of all, the translation of Word documents is available in about ten languages at an attractive price and with rapid turnaround times.
  • The transcription service, on which Group’s success was founded, offers three types of documents — a simplified offer that will delight those who have recordings of dictations, interviews and meetings.

Available at its launch in French and English, Ubiqus IO is a fully automated site. This ingenious website allows Internet users to upload their source files at any time, and obtain an instant quote for their translation or transcription. Price, deadline, service: everything is clearly displayed.

Once the order has been securely placed, the online user will receive their final document within a few days in their secure online customer area.

With more than 25 years of experience in transcription and translation, the Ubiqus Group already has a strong presence on the Web, with fifteen sites covering eight countries. Ubiqus IO is a growth driver in France – as it soon will be across all regions –, and its aim is to attract Internet users on the move.

“The IO* in also reflects our passion for applying new technologies to transcription and translation. Indeed, ‘automatic’ translation and transcription services based on artificial intelligence will gradually be added to the offer,” pointed out Vincent Nguyen, Chairman of the Group.

Thus, at the launch of the site, Ubiqus IO is unveiling its “in-house” machine translation engine”. In the near future, a voice recognition and automatic transcription tool will also be launched.

In conclusion, with Ubiqus IO, the Ubiqus group is taking a further step in the field of online sales, by introducing a simple and direct offer aimed exclusively at professional and business users. In the very short term, Ubiqus IO will also be the technological showcase for Ubiqus’ artificial intelligence know-how.

Originally, the .IO domain name extension was geographical, referring to “Indian Ocean”. It got a second wind in the IT field, where the abbreviation “io” is used for the term “Input/Output”, referring to the communication between a computer and the outside world.  It has become the preferred extension for innovative start-ups in technological fields.