Full-time Writer


LOCATION: 61 Southwark Street, London, SE1 0HL

HOURS: 40 hours per week (Office hours are 09:00 – 18:00)

SALARY:   £21k plus pension contributions

BENEFITS:   24 days’ holiday, optional private healthcare, contributory pension, excellent record of internal promotion and a management structure that encourages innovation.


The full time writer acts as the face of the company and is often the only point of face‑to‑face contact a client has with Ubiqus.  Staff writers will have a mastery of the six depths of coverage (plus Hansard) and legal verbatim documents, as well as non-recorded summaries.

The role of the writer is an important part of the Production team, reporting ultimately to the head of production.  On a day to day basis, staff writers report to the planning team.  When they are not attending jobs they are normally based at the offices at Southwark Street.  Writers are also able to work from home when not attending.


Overview of Responsibilities:

  • The role involves attending events in London, around the UK and in Europe, to write transcripts, reports and summaries for a range of clients (corporate, public sector, government, and legal).
  • The writing is objective reportage style, accurately recording the meeting/event/conference; it is not journalism or PR work.
  • Staff writers also write documents from audio recordings.

Staff Writers must:

  • Ascertain all relevant information from the assigner before attending the event and check any discrepancies in times/location
  • Test all necessary recording equipment in the Back Office
  • Organising transport or liaise with the planning team about transport and accommodation where necessary
  • Arrive to the venue or meeting at appointed time
  • Maintain a professional appearance and represent the company in a positive manner at all times
  • Take adequate notes and high quality audio recordings on site
  • Produce documents that are accurate, well written and to client specification
  • Submit work within required timeframe and explain in plenty of time if work is going to be late
  • Maintain excellent communication with the planning team on management of assignments, deadlines and reporting back after jobs (how long jobs were, any issues with the audio/client, queries)
  • Display evidence that feedback from editors is understood and implemented in documents
  • Show flexibility to travel/ work out of hours/ attend last minute jobs if asked to do so
  • Understand all levels of coverage and the types of events they are tailored for
  • Participate in quarterly writer training sessions

Client Interactions:

  • Direct client interaction onsite requires a professional attitude, knowledge of all Ubiqus’ products and services
  • Ability to adapt Ubiqus’ services to clients’ needs
  • Generate and report back new sales leads and inform on other Ubiqus products where necessary.

Representing Ubiqus in a positive light through good client relations including:

  • Arriving at the scheduled time
  • Communication back to planning of any onsite issues and/or new opportunities
  • Greeting the client and introducing yourself/ following up at the end of the meeting to see if there are any questions or queries.

Training, Feedback & Proofreading:

When requested, the fulltime writers will be asked to:

  • Induct & train new writers
  • Write/update guides & manuals
  • Produce training guides
  • Editing and proofreading of documents (including judgments)

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Administrative tasks as requested

The staff writer may also be asked to undertake duties not directly related to his/her role including but not necessarily limited to providing coverage for other staff during periods of holiday or sickness. These responsibilities will be discussed and agreed in advance.

If you are interested, please contact Julia Guest at: jguest@ubiqus.com 


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