Ubiqus Translation Newsletter: November 2017  


November might be dreary and wet but the festivities of December are just around the corner and Ubiqus is very busy helping clients in this period before the Christmas break.

Whether it is the introduction of GDPR, the uncertainties of Brexit or the complexities of new financial regulations, Ubiqus is helping its clients confront a number of changes in their particular market, as their Language Service Provider.

If you find yourself meeting challenges in the global marketplace then Ubiqus is happy to discuss how we can assist with this, as your language partner. Take a look below for some industry news, stories and updates from the Ubiqus Translation team…


Localisation: a powerful tool to grow your business abroad

According to a survey conducted by the Common Sense Advisory on more than 3,000 global consumers in Europe, Asia and South America, 75% prefer to buy products in their native language. In addition, 60% rarely or never buy from English-only websites.

Having the right impact on the target audience is key, especially in today’s marketplace where competition is high and even the smallest detail can have an impact on the customer’s purchasing decision. This is why the localisation of web content is an incredibly important tool for companies looking to break into a specific foreign market.

But what does “localisation” mean and how is it different from translation? When we talk about translation, we refer to the process of rendering words from one language to another. Localisation is a much more specialised process of adapting web content for regional or local consumption.

During this process both the content itself and other elements (e.g. pictures) can be changed to appeal to the customer’s cultural preferences. When localising web content it is fundamental to use professional translation services as the consequences of a poor translation can be detrimental, with the risk of offending the consumer or failing to establish in the market. Ubiqus is here to help you accurately localise your content and keep your message without damaging your brand!

The evolution of ‘Euro-English’

Do you use the words above in day-to-day conversation? You may hear them more and more if English is kept as the lingua franca of the European Union after Brexit.

According to Dr Marko Modiano’s journal “World Englishes”, the EU may develop a new form of the English language. This would involve terms used in “Eurospeak”, as well as American spellings and unique English-language sayings. Read more about this linguistic phenomenon here.

Ubiqus keeps up to date with languages as they evolve and is sensitive to your target markets. Get in touch with us on 0207 269 0370 for more information.

WordPress Translation Day 3

This year saw the third renewal of Global WordPress Translation Day and a company’s website and online presence has never been more important. At Ubiqus, we regularly assist a number of clients in translating and localising their web content so in December 2017 Ubiqus is offering 10% off any new website translation request. Just use the code WEB17 when making your request*. If you are looking to expand, or increase, your presence into new markets then Ubiqus can help. Contact us on
0207 269 0370 or alternatively you can e-mail infouk@ubiqus.com


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