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video translation


Translating your videos serves more than a single purpose of making your content understandable to your foreign audience. Including translated subtitles or captions in the video can actually help you reach a higher number of viewers and rank your content higher on popular search engines.



According to a recent article on ReelSEO, over 70% of Internet users speak other language than English as their native. For this vast market, translation, subtitling and captioning creates a great opportunity for spreading your message internationally and gain wider interests in your company.
How exactly you can use video translation as your marketing tool is well outlined in the article, which includes useful tips and suggestions.


However, once you have made the decision to translate your video, you should also think about the best practices of the actual translation. In order for the captions to serve their purpose, the translator must be a specialised linguist who knows the context and nuances of the local language and is aware of the SEO practices. Literal translation seldom works, especially for keywords, which depend on the target market you aim to reach and its language and cultural implications.


Among various language services, Ubiqus provides translation for videos, subtitles, captions, as well as voiceover, and we can help you expand into new markets and reach a global audience. For advice, quotes or a friendly chat, speak to us any time.