HIRE of Electronic Voting Systems: the Advantages

When you hire voting systems through Ubiqus, you can relax in the knowledge that all will run smoothly on the day.

     ✓ Account Management & Advice

     ✓ Development & Design of Questions & Presentation

     ✓ Onsite Technical Support 

     ✓ Personalised Data Report

Ubiqus helps you make your message heard.  

From attentive account management and advice, right through to expert technical work at the meeting, clients who hire our voting systems know that they will get helpful attention and support.

Combined with competitive pricing, hiring voting systems is the right choice for many.

Ubiqus is trusted by Over 2000 Companies 

including some of the world’s biggest and most prestigious institutions.  Click here to find out our diverse client base

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  • Ubiqus voting systems in few points?
  • Power point compatible: the Ubiqus system communicates seamlessly though Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Histograms or Pie Charts: results are displayed in animated graphical form: .
  • Teams: keypads can be assigned to teams for grouping or breakout sessions.
  • Who voted what? if need be, each keypad has a unique identity which enables precise tracking of voting patterns.
  • Post-event report: a summary of all results will be provided at a later date for analysis of the data.
  • On-site questions: questions can be programmed on the day. As the event progresses, it is possible to evolve the issues that are voted on.
  • As many keypads as you need: an unlimited number of keypads can be used.
  • How to hire a voting system?

The System
Ubiqus Audience Response System provides effective, creative and stimulating technology for a whole range of interactive conferences and events. Hire Ubiqus Voting Sytems and we will provide event organisers all the necessary electronic voting techniques to create enjoyable interaction with the participants, combined with measured and accurate results.

Preparation for the Event
Your Ubiqus Account manager will liaise and consult with you to understand your objectives and expectations. Following the consultation we will prepare and construct the questions and PowerPoint slides for your approval.

The Event
Our technician(s) will be in attendance for the duration of your event, and will provide expert onsite assistance to ensure the event runs smoothly.
The participants transmit their vote(s) by way of wireless keypads. The keypads are unobtrusive, easy to use and the entire system quickly conveys visual results to a projector screen or plasma screen.

  • Why hire Ubiqus voting systems?

When our clients choose to hire Ubiqus voting systems, here are some of the key considerations:

  1. Convenience.When you hire a voting system, you eliminate the hassle of having to deal with it yourself. We code the PowerPoint presentation with the questions you want to ask; we deal with your last-minute changes; we ensure the voting runs well at your meeting. Hiring a system also takes away the need to deal with all the little details – like making sure all the batteries in the handsets are fully charged!
  2. Expert advice. Our account managers will always ask you about your goals for using voting systems. Then we can help you plan your questions and presentations so that the voting systems really do improve the outcome of your meetings.
  3. Reports of the meeting. Ubiqus provides an unusual combination of skills and expertise: decades of experience in transcription and summary writing, and decades of experience in voting systems. We combine the two to provide publication-quality reports that integrate the results of the voting with a summary of proceedings. You can use the finished document to keep in the archive, post on your website or disseminate to stakeholders.
  4. Ad hoc or periodic meetings. Clients who require voting systems only from time to time, or for particular types of meetings, frequently choose to hire rather than purchase voting systems.
  5. Cost-effective. It can be extremely cost-effective to hire voting systems. In a tough economic climate, many organisations are looking carefully at the savings to be made by outsourcing. When you’re making your calculation, consider: how often do you want to use the voting system? Who will run the system and what is the cost of their time? When you add up the purchase cost and factor in the cost of staff time to run the voting system, it can make good cost sense to hire.

However, purchasing your own voting system  can also be a good choice!
Read the advantages of voting systems purchase to find out why.

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