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The idea of running a silent conference may seem strange, but they are becoming more common practice.

Problem: Put yourself in the event organiser’s shoes; you have a number of speakers, but are short of breakout rooms for workshops and seminars and cannot afford a bigger venue.

Solution: Run several groups in one main room.
Rather than have one speaker per room, set up multiple speakers at different areas of the room. Each speaker on stage will use a microphone, and will be assigned an individual channel.

The delegates use receivers similar to those used when listening to live interpretation. This allows delegates to go between stages, matching their speaker to the corresponding channel.
Just like that the event organiser has managed to overcome their original issues as well as adding a different feel to the event.

Simultaneous Interpretation Receivers and Headsets


Conclusion: A silent conference is a good way to keep the delegates engaged. Should there be 5 speakers at an event, the delegate can decide who they see and when, rather than having to sit through speakers they do not have any interest in.

This short video explains how a silent seminar works:


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